Food Pantry

God has allowed us to have a food pantry for over ten years. We buy our food & household items from the Arkansas Food Bank at reduced cost.

The heart of our Food Ministry is to help with physical needs & to show God’s Awesome LOVE for everyone. We help the needy, poor, shut-ins, lonely, Christian, non-Christian, & anyone who wants to stretch their money.

In our area, we may not have people living on the streets, but we do have a large number of people with disabilities living on a fixed income & spending most of their money on medications. The things we are able to give them, allow them to spend money on other needed items. Another important part of this ministry is as the kids also help make the deliveries they are able to spend about half an hour with the people ministering & praying for their individual needs.

The Faces have been smudged for privacy.

Photos Below

1These are photos of the family separating the food into freezer bags. After many hours of working we all start getting a little silly as you see in some of the photos.

2We have been Blessed to have churches come & help us as a mission trip. These photos are of a youth group helping us bag food for the ministry.

3The end of 2008 & the beginning of 2009 we built a new Food Ministry Area. These are some photos of the progress & Lay-out.

4 When we are Blessed with clothes we set them out for families to have.

5These are photos of families we serve. As much as possible we try to let people pick the items they would like & use. We help them bag it, weight it, & carry it out for them.

6We purpose to pray with each family about anything on their hearts. Some have shown up on distribution day just for prayer!

7Sometimes we recieve some odd things that won't keep. Valentine's we were Blessed with Flowers! We stop what ever we are doing & make home delieveries. I feel we were more Blessed by giving them then those who recieved them.

8After food distribution, we deliver food & house hold items to our home delieveries. We try to find out any needs or things happening in their lives. These are photos of us helping share a special day in someones life. This is her 89th Birthday we made a cake & gave her 89 kisses.

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