16. Photos End of 2013 to Jan. 2014
* I. Diego
Diego learned how to make candy.
Do you think he can eat it all?
I. Diego.1
Diego & Cyndi
I. Diego.2
Diego learned things very fast.
I. Diego.3
He is a natural working with balloons!
I. Diego.4
He is not big enough to blow-up a balloon!
LOL, Ha, Ha, Ha!
I. Diego.5
Diego wanted dreadlocks
I. Diego.6
He sat over 5 1/2 hours.
I. Diego.7
It hurt very bad!
I. Diego.8

I. Diego.9

I. Diego.10

I. Diego.11

I. Diego.12

I. Diego.13

I. Diego.14

I. Diego.15
Diego & Alissa
I. Diego.16

I. Diego.17
Diego was player #1 on Oden High School
I. Diego.18

I. Diego.19

I. Diego.20

I. Diego.21
The 2 teams are praying.
I. Diego.22