After traveling for many years with our children who have disabilities, we discovered that many places were not equipped to meet our children’s needs, making it awkward for both parties involved.

Our solution was to buy a bus that could facilitate all of our children’s needs. It worked great, except mom & dad never got a break. It did open our eyes to a great need.

Therefore we provide a personal family retreat setting with live-in RV’s available, or the main house, both in a country atmosphere, where we can provide meals for your family’s needs.

We also provide…

We can help you plan these things or you can go at your pace. We also offer assistance for those who are unable to participate in these activities.

Here are some photos of the things we are blessed with around our area.

The Faces have been smudged for privacy

  1. Home & Property
  2. RV Sites
  3. Canoe, Flat Bottom Boat, Pond
  4. Playing at the River
  5. Cooking-out & Roasting Marshmallows
  6. Crafts